Position:International trade salesman(test)

  • No. of Hiring:5
  • Salary:8000~10000
  • Education:College degree or above
  • Experience:1~3 year
  • Applyjob@www.luremfg.com

  1. assist department business persons to carry out foreign trade business, develop market abroad, to develop, maintain foreign customers;
  2. market information collection, submit the market analysis report;
  3. assist each business personnel for import and export business contact, negotiate and negotiation;
  4. import and export order processing, guarantee in accordance with the customer's request delivery.
  1. English level and above, in listening, speaking, reading and writing;
  2. bachelor or above degree, preferred in chemical, biological, pharmaceutical, English, Japanese, international trade related;
  3. familiar with foreign trade and order management process, has the related field a solid foundation of knowledge;
  4. strong business sense and negotiation skills, ability to develop strong;
  5. has the stronger enterprising spirit and the team spirit, the work is earnest, sense of responsibility, strong resistance.